Urinary Incontinence

No Referral Needed

Accredited and Experienced Physiotherapists

Personalised Treatment

Urinary incontinence comes in many different forms. These include:

  • Leaking when you cough and sneeze
  • Leaking with physical activity or heavy lifting
  • Experiencing a constant urge to urinate or urinating too frequently
  • Unable to make it to the toilet on time
  • Dribbling or leaking after going to the toilet
  • Leaking for no apparent reason

Evidence indicates that men’s incontinence can be overcome effectively. There are many strategies that can be used to by our physiotherapists to treat the various forms of incontinence. These include physical (pelvic floor rehabilitation), mental and cognitive behavioural strategies which help to restore normal urinary function.

Pelvic floor rehabilitation is taught using real-time ultrasound by our physiotherapists. This is so we can ensure you are using the right muscles and allows men to visualise the correct contraction of the pelvic floor for effective rehabilitation. High quality contractions are more likely to produce better outcomes and each program will be tailored to an individuals circumstances to assist them with getting back to normal life sooner.

In circumstances where a weak or overactive bladder may be contributing to your incontinence symptoms, a number of specific bladder re training strategies are used to address these issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral?
No referral is necessary to consult with our men’s health physiotherapists although bring one along to the appointment if you have been given one.
How long are your appointments?
For an initial consultation, please allow 40-50 minutes. For any subsequent appointment, please allow 25-30 minutes.
Can I claim a rebate from my private health fund?
You will be able to claim a rebate if you have private health insurance covering physiotherapy. For details regarding rebate amounts you should contact your private health fund.
I have been provided with an Enhanced Primary Health Plan from my doctor. Can this be used to see a men’s health physiotherapist?
Yes. You will need to forward your receipt to Medicare following your appointment for any rebate. Enhanced Primary Care is not bulk-billed.
Are the physiotherapists male?
Yes, our men’s health physiotherapists are male.