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Understanding Prostate Health and Beyond

Join us with our very first guest episode, as we sit down with Luke Herzog (B.App.Sc. Ex. & Sports Sc.), M.Phty (Uni Of Sydney), the Founder of Duke Men’s Health and a Qualified Physiotherapist based on the Northern Beaches, Sydney. Luke shares invaluable insights into a spectrum of crucial men’s health topics, going beyond just prostate health.

This Episode delves into:

  • Prostate Health & Cancer: Understanding the early signs, prevention strategies, and the importance of regular screenings.
  • Pre and Post-Surgery Care: Essential precautions and steps to take before and after prostate surgery.
  • Erectile Dysfunction & Incontinence: Addressing these common issues with practical advice and effective treatment options.
  • Pelvic Floor Training: The significance of pelvic floor exercises in improving overall health and managing post-surgery symptoms.
  • Resistance Training: How incorporating resistance exercises can help overcome various prostate-related issues.

Tune in for an informative and empowering conversation aimed at enhancing men’s health and well-being.