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Pre/Post Prostate Surgery Rehabilitation

Solutions for Male Incontinence, Bladder Issues, Pelvic Pain and more

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Duke is here to tackle below-the-belt issues in the comfort of your own home or at our friendly Sydney clinics. Our physiotherapists specialise in pre/post prostate surgery rehabilitation, urinary incontinence, bladder issues, pelvic pain and sexual health.

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Pelvic Pain

Pain in any area from the penis to the tail bone including the testicles, perineum and/ or anus.

Urinary Incontinence

Increased frequency of voiding, Increased Urgency, Leaking, Irritable bladder syndromes.

Erectile Dysfunction

Occurring with age,
After prostate surgery

Pre/Post Prostate Surgery Rehabilitation

To prepare you for surgery and assist with rehabilitation following surgery.

Our Team

Luke Herzog is the founder of Duke Men’s Health. He developed a passion for Men’s Health within his first year of working as a qualified physiotherapist and has been working in the Men’s Health space since. He also has extensive history as a sports physiotherapist and applies many of the principles used with his athletic patients to his Men’s Health patients.

Luke is a caring and an empathetic listener who is passionate about empowering his patients with knowledge, and providing them with individualised care. He brings a discrete and professional service using the latest technology and treatment to ensure best possible outcomes for his patients.

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